Friday, February 28, 2014

Happy Weekend!!

Image via Hermes

Happy Weekend Everyone!!

Mr. G and I are still mushing through the frozen tundra....
we are getting super excited for Sunday night..
Lots of ice and bling to see from all those lovely ladies on the red carpet...
We may just have to pull out our sunnies...
Even more exciting..
we will be crossing our fingers and paws for our cousin
who was part of the 12 Years a Slave ensemble..
It seemed to work for the Golden Globes...
we may have to cut out early as he will making an appearance on our new favorite show..
Nothing better than the magic of Hollywood as they transform a gorgeous man into a creepy meth addict named Jimmy Ledoux..

We are sooo proud of you Cuz..
Good things come to those who wait!!

Be Safe, Pull out your Best Bling and Have a Great Weekend!!

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