Friday, February 14, 2014

Happy Weekend!!!

Image by Abby Powell


It has been one heck of a crazy week..
Mother Nature has been pulling some serious punches..
Luckily us New Englanders came through yesterday's storm unscathed..
and today...
Today, I hear the glorious sound of snow melting under a gorgeous bright blue sky..

I woke up this morning to some extra Valentine's Day kisses from my boys..
perfect way to start the day..
I think the chocolate covered strawberries from his secret admirer (not me!) that arrived yesterday in the snowstorm (hooray UPS)
got the Monster into the holiday spirit.. 

Speaking of the holiday spirit..
I was told by my too cool for school middle schooler weeks ago that 5th graders don't give Valentines..
My heart wilted a bit..
Are we really there yet? 
Aha..Not yet..
Cause lo & behold we received the class list 2 days ago..
What to create in 2 days in the middle of a snowstorm??
Certainly not a masterpiece..
But we Wessons don't give up..
The Monster picked the candy
(of course the one with the hardest name to rhyme)
this old lady's brain had to start chug chug chugging..

So here we go my lovely Readers..
One just for you!!
Image by Chocolate Creative Design

Be Safe, Show Someone You LOVE  Them and Have a Great Weekend!!

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  1. What a perfect Valentine! Hope you're staying warm this weekend!