Friday, May 6, 2011

Let your imagination grow..An Island in the Sun..

An Island in the Sun...
I have been dreaming for many years to be able to use these words on paper designed for a wedding on Island Farm..
Finally it was time..
Their eyes were filled with sparkle, glitter and possibly rainbows the first time that I showed them the Island. They are so very much in love, full of hope and true admiration for each other.
Her hair is the same color as the hay when the mid afternoon sun  hits the tops of the fields..He simply adores her. They see the Island for what it truly is..full of energy, life and a bit of wildness..
I dare say I am a little biased as they chose the same place to get married as I.
With just a drop of color and a swirl of whimsey these two beautiful travelers have made a recipe for the most fabulous bohemian chic wedding EVER!

Working with Amy & Tim has been an absolute dream..Reading their thoughtful emails and her squeals of delight as the paper unfolded
certainly made me realize how much I love my job. 
Kinda reminded of a certain sparkly girl..

I think my aha moment(after the save the date was designed) was when I was walking through the "Big House" on the Island with Miss Adrienne O'Connor(something I actually do in my sleep) when I really noticed the vintage wallpaper in my favorite yellow bedroom.
In 11 years, I never did notice the fabulous "Hay Field" on the wall...or did I?
Images by Chocolate Creative Design

Soon we will be embarking on the invitation suite but in the meantime I know that Miss Adrienne O'Connor of Ruffles & Tweed (their coordinator/designer) has some beautiful and fabulous tricks up her sleeve...
I can't wait!

A huge thanks to the lovely Miss Anna Sawin (their wedding photographer)for sending over these amazing images!!

Amy & Tim...the adventure has just begun...
thank you for your trust, spirit and love.


  1. congrats amy & tim- you are in EXCELLENT hands!

  2. Beautiful! Amy and Tim, this is going to be so much fun! So glad to be part of the party!

  3. that envelope liner gives me chills! Cannot WAIT to see more!!!

  4. THE most beautiful save the dates, blog post, pictures...and of course it should be no surprise coming from your creative mind and enormous heart. THANK YOU Lucinda...and thank you Anna for the gorgeous photos!!!