Thursday, October 6, 2011

An Apple a day....

 Last night..I have to admit..I shed a little tear...
I didn't know him  personally and I have no idea what type of man he was.
But what I do know is that he changed my life forever. 

Without his forward thinking, perseverance and genius I wouldn't have been able to do the following:
1. Type a college term paper without using Wite-Out.
2. Become a Childrenswear designer (hand-sketching..don't get me started..Wite-out is still NOT my friend!))
3. Felt sane after moving to a new state, new house in the middle of farm country by bringing Anthropologie and my friends into my living room every day.
4. Became a graphic designer (handwritten type with a Rapidograph and vellum would have killed me..)
5. Found music again and the art of "THE MIXED TAPE" (sorry folks still can't call it a cd)
6. Caught the Monster on video in all forms of hilarious moments(later to be used as bribery or at his wedding rehearsal).
7. Stayed sane through a week long electric outage during hurricane Irene.

After reading and hearing about his life and the path he chose, I cannot help but be re-inspired in my own business. Who else has co-founded a company that has created one of the world's most important inventions, got fired from his own CEO and then came back to not only rock out 3 even more inspiring inventions with the most awesome branding EVER!! I mean Thomas Edison invented the lightbulb and Henry Ford invented the automobile...but they certainly did not create a lifestyle or a brand!

So thank you Mr. Jobs..
For making my life easier, for bringing my faraway friends back into my life, making new friends from this little ole blog, allowing me the freedom to be as creative as I can possibly be 
and that thinking differently is perfectly ok.

 So in being a die hard Apple fan...I decided that today instead of getting sad, anxious or even scared of where my favorite company might go....
I will celebrate this man's life, genius and tenacity with song. Songs, which in my opinion, are the most amazing, creative and exciting branding the world has ever known!


  1. What a perfect post-whether or not anyone of us knew him, Mr Jobs has touched some many of our lives.

  2. This is a wonderful tribute to him. I felt the same way when I saw the news. He was an inspiration.