Friday, October 21, 2011

Happy Weekend!!!!!

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Happy Weekend Everyone!!!! 

This is going to be one of those incredibly bittersweet weekends...
There will be tears, laughter, hugs, more tears, teasing, taunting and definitely some smiles.
I am hitting the road (braving 95) to good ole Philly to visit one of my dearest and oldest friends.
It makes me chuckle to say friend because really...we are sisters.
We claimed each other as sisters when we were just 14, living together far far away from home. We fought(I have the bruises!), shared clothes, laughed, cried, got into trouble and dealt with boy heartache just like sisters.
So it's no surprise that when I found out her Dad had just passed away this week, that I would run, jump, skip or hop my way to her.

We have made it through everything together..
Really really short hair...
and Really Really blonde hair....

At some point in time we lost each other...but thanks to email, texts and Facebook, I feel as though we have never left one another's side...
I have been able to watch her family grow from just two to a brood of five!!

It wasn't until recently when I found this image that I realized we hadn't seen each other since our Monsters were this size...
Living some six or seven states away, it has been extremely difficult getting together.

She has traveled a very tough journey, losing first her mother to cancer and now her father to the same battle.
But folks....She is a true survivor. She is definitely not a woe is me kinda girl and because of that..this is what I have realized..
That her Father has given us a great gift. He has given us the chance to seize the day, put the pedal to the medal and never ever waste a moment of this life nor our friendship.

So Thank you Mr. C for your gift...
I promise that tonight we will be laughing, crying, teasing, and taunting,never missing a moment of this life...never missing a moment with my sister.

Be Safe, Hug a Friend and Have a Great Weekend!!


  1. Safe travels and give her a hug. Beautiful post, Lucinda.

  2. What an amazing friendship. Enjoy the time you two get to spend together, and lots of love to you both.