Thursday, October 27, 2011

Something Old, Something New....

The Tall One and I have been talking for years about getting married again....
Not renewing...remarrying...
We are very different people now....
I'd like to think wiser and happier...
So why not have a REAL wedding instead of a renewal??

Ideas have flown back and forth, up and down, in and out..
Back yard..Italy...Back yard..

It wasn't until I was doing my daily Etsy persuing that our wonderful dream popped back into my head.
There she was...lovely, lacey and OH so fabulous!!
If only I could fit into this little number I would scoop it up and whisk him away to Italy on the next flight!
So for right now, I am completely content and overjoyed to watch as the lovely Miss Lena (my tried and true follower AND commenter!!) from La Petite Coquin  and her just happened last weekend fiance, Jon,
start planning for their big day..Now if you love weddings and all things lovely I would immediately hop, skip and jump on over....I am dying to know what specialty cocktail they will be choosing, what will be gracing her toes (peep toes I am guessing) and  what fabulous music will be playing...

Ohhh the world is your oyster, Lena & Jon..
Enjoy the adventure and be sure to laugh and smile EVERY day!!

 Dress: Vintage Alfred Angelo at Cool Vintage Finds on Etsy


  1. Oh I love what you wrote to Lena! I love her blog and am so excited for her and Jon. You know their wedding is going to be fantastic. And for you: do it. In Italy. At the smallest, sweetest church. With a priest that speaks only Italian. Just the two of you. God...maybe Matt and I should do that. Ha.

  2. Oh my goodness, I am absolutely in tears-what was such a wonderful personal post ended up including me, and I couldn't be more honored!

    And I'm with Alexa-DO IT! I know it would be the dreamiest wedding.

  3. and...I would hope to remember to unpack my gear unlike in my dream! This is very similiar to the dress you wore on the floating platform. All your readers will now know how weird my wedding dreams are! :) DO IT!

  4. And...congratulations to la petite coquine!