Friday, September 14, 2012

Happy Weekend!!!!

Image by Adeline & Grace
flowers by Hana Floral Design
Deirdre & Jay, Island Farm on Elihu Island 9/13/08

Happy Weekend Everyone!!

Nothing makes me happier in the late summer/early fall than a bridal bouquet filled with dahlias...
Dahlias are the last tell tale sign of summer in the garden..
For me, they are like fireworks..
the last hurrah of sorts.. 
a beautiful colorful explosion in your hands..

At the Island, the ladies have carefully and meticulously cared for the growing and the cultivation of dahlias in the garden.

Growing dahlias is certainly a commitment...
They are tubers so they have to be planted early in the Spring,
constantly clipped to bring new growth during the summer and finally dug up and housed away in the basement in the Fall. 

I love watching the gorgeous Sperry Tent go up next to the garden and it's almost as if they know that it's wedding season..
They seem to straighten themselves up and brush themselves off just in time for the bride & groom to come their way.

Just today, the orange ones seem to smile as Diane & Jason walked by them for their wedding rehearsal..

Happy Happy Anniversary to Deirdre & Jason who also share my love for dahlias, the Island and most importantly family! 

Be Safe, Smell the Flowers and Have a Great Weekend!!


  1. Such beautiful flowers! They are so beautiful. I will miss the summertime =) x

  2. One thing I love about summer is the flowers. It'll be nice for it to not be so hot though.