Thursday, September 6, 2012

Kickin it Old School.....I Do...

Image by chocolate creative design

I think it's just about time for a new series...
Kickin it Old School is what I'm calling it..
I am paying homage to the crazy world that I was brought up in..

I have traveled the globe trying to escape it
I just can't seem to shake it.. I'm just going to own it! 

It's like they say..
You can take the wasp out of the nest
you can't take the pearls off the wasp..

So for the first part of the series..
we head to the bride..
One of my all time favorite wedding details this year was from MY bride, the lovely Miss Eleanor Grace and her after ceremony shoes..
The monogrammed Jack Rogers..

 They come in 7 gorgeous hues...
perfect for the bride who wants to add a little zing to their step...
Personally..I am thinking I might just have to order up a pair of those dreamy tangerines..

Only question is...which nail polish to choose?


  1. LOVE them!!!! My first dress I ever made, I was in HS, yellow wool sheath, sleeveless with navy monogram!!!!

  2. Haha. So fun. Love the orange!