Thursday, September 20, 2012

Kickin it Old School..Leopards, Jaguars and Cheetahs, Oh My!

Cheetah Print by Berkley Illustration on Etsy

If you grew up in a Wasp home. most likely you will find some sort of animal print lurking around....
It may be real or it may be faux.
It can come in the form of a coat, a pillow, and most definitely..
as a trophy head...

Wasps LOVE to hunt and even if they don't it will still find its way into the home to make you think that they actually do.
Usually it will be a deer, a moose and perhaps the beloved mink.
 But in the truest of Wasp style..
you will find the exotic..
Exotic meaning...
leopards, lions and peacocks..
 Since the cat prints are so similar..
Fortunately for us..
I have given a few visual examples..
Because you might just be wearing cheetah instead of leopard...
So to back track...I'll give you a little bit of history..
During the 20's and 30's most Wasps felt the need to covet these exotic creatures.
Cheetahs and peacocks seem to have made the top of the list..
I mean..why not?
Who wouldn't want one?
Fortunately today...
(and I like to think it's because of our evolvement as humans)
one can no longer obtain one..
(technically only in these few States)
 But during those eras...
socialites LOVED them!
Osa Johnson with pet Cheetah 1939, Josephine Baker with Chiquita 1931, 
Parisian Woman with pet Cheetah 1932, Phylis Gordon with pet Cheetah 1939

Now.. if you have been following along with my know that my  Great-Grandparents traveled to Africa by Steamer across the Atlantic to go on Safari....
There were many many animals that came back and were prominently displayed on the walls and floors but what you may not know...
is that they brought back a lion cub...
Crazy right??
Well apparently the mother had been killed so they felt the best thing to do was to bring it back home..
Doesn't every Boston home need a lion?
My Great Grandmother with "Mikey Simba"

Unfortunately, lion cubs turn into lions..
So Mikey Simba was sent to the zoo to live.
Now as they story goes.. every time my Great-Uncle would visit Mikey at the Franklin Zoo..
he would ALWAYS remember him...

So what started with the socialites as a trend (and status symbol), eventually made its way into the fashion industry..

Which quickly jumped onto the silver screen...
and perhaps a First Lady or two..
Jackie Kennedy Onassis, Audrey Hepburn, Katherine Hepburn, Natalie Wood

and voila...leopard print was born...
thus leading itself into every decade...

Having these exotic prints in my home, led them further into my life...

Starting in college with my Banana Republic leopard belt
(I still have AND wear it)
living in Italy where my dear friend Sabine's leopard coat made me weak in the knees
the lovely Miss Heidi's use of it in her home and showing me how to incorporate into mine..

But one has to be careful with leopard(or cheetah or jaguar)
as one doesn't want to end up looking like this...

It has to be carefully edited....
 Le Blog de Sushi Vogue
To Vogue or Bust  Love Maegan

But how can a Wasp of today make it modern and fresh?
Perhaps with the use if color?

Doesn't Miss Blair Edie of Atlantic-Pacific do it just perfectly?!

Denim is a must...

and it certainly makes any piece of jewelry a statement..

and for those edgy wasps...
print, pattern and texture works fabulously! 
where did you get that
vanessa jackson   
sabo skirt  style saint

Of course one cannot forget the HOME...
Carl Kleiner
Moodboard  Cup of Te  This is Glamorous 
Traditional Home,  Traditional Home

But don't you worry...because leopard will NEVER go out of style...

I have been coveting a few pieces and can't wait to add to my collection...

1. Long Sleeve Button Down at Piperlime
2. Lucille Dress at J.Crew
3. Printed Cropped Trousers at Zara
4. Marie Clutch at Anat Marin
5. Bangle at J.Crew
6. Leopard Print Scarf with Border at Zara
7.An;e Skinny Cords at Piperlime
8. Leopard Print Satin Tunic at Zara
9. Leopard Print Tote at Old Navy
10. Kate Spade Bow Belt at Piperlime

So there you have it folks...
Old School Leopard style...
Who might just see me sporting these new kicks this Fall...
Leopard Boots via Asos

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  1. Best post ever!!!! Can't wait for our shopping date today, we are so getting more animal print........