Tuesday, September 11, 2012

I Remember....

Image by chocolate creative design

I remember...
I remember my 2 month old husband kissing me goodbye on his way to work..
I remember hearing the ocean and feeling my very swollen feet and realizing that I was waking up at the Island after coordinating one of my very first weddings.
I remember making a cup of tea (this was before I became a coffee drinker) to take off the chill on an early September morning.
I remember looking out to the water, the hay fields and a grand white tent that held a couple hundred people only hours before.
I remember turning on the t.v. and watching the news.
I remember watching a plane fly into MY Twin Towers.
I remember feeling horrified, shocked and scared that this was the end of the world.
I remember thinking how was it possible that I was at the most serene place in the world while only a mere year ago I would have been walking those NYC streets as a New Yorker.
I remember that MY old home was just a few blocks from the destruction.
I remember wanting to call my NYC friends and family desperately.
I remember feeling lucky.
I remember watching it alone and feeling helpless.
I remember watching MY city come together through tradgedy.
I remember feeling proud.
I remember feeling proud to be an American for the first time in my life.
I remember...