Monday, December 3, 2012

a little glitter to start your week....

 Effervesce Stemless Wine Glass at Anthropologie
Ostrich Pouf at Anthropologie

Some days it's hard...
Do I feel Lady-Like and need to put on some glittery peep toes
do I feel a little Bohemian and need to wear a flowing caftan?

Now if it's confusing for me then it is certainly distressing for my boys when they want to find me a gift..
Although they both know that anything with glitter will make my day...
Hopefully these boards will give them a better idea...

1. Golden Viper Journal(on sale!)at Anthropologie
2. Le Pavillion I-phone Case at Kate Spade
3. MM Couture Sequin Jacket(on sale!)at Piperlime
4. Faceted Infinity Pouch at Anthropologie
5. Twisted Gold Tumbler at Anthropologie
6. Appointed Velvet Belt at Anthropologie
8. Mercer Bottle at Zara Home
10. Cabochon Velvet Bracelet at Anthropologie
11. Sophie Bottle Cover at Zara Home
12. Giselle Bow Heels at Anthropologie
13. Dinia Box at Zara Home
14. Mini Sequin Clutch at Zara
Luxe Shine Wallpaper at Anthropologie

1. Shimmer Dusted Loop at Anthropologie
2. Illume Mercury Dot Candle at Anthropologie
3. Tandem Geode Belt at Anthropologie
4. Volendam Journal at Anthropologie
6. Shearling Collar at Anthropologie
7.Pearl Perimeter iphone Case at Anthropologie
8. Coral Ombre Pillow at Anthropologie
9. Celestial Coaster Set at Anthropologie
10. Giltwork Pin Fringe Clutch at Anthropologie
11. Sequin Boxy Top at Forever 21
12. Apala Soap Dish at Zara Home
13. Gaffer Decanter Set at Anthropologie
14. Vince Camuto Sarea Heels at Piperlime
Grand Game Wallpaper at Anthropologie


  1. Just when I thought you were "crashing" and relaxing, I read this wish board message!!!
    When I need to feel Lady-Like, I put on make-up and show some skin...VOILA!!!!