Friday, December 14, 2012

Happy Weekend!!!!

Kids as Christmas Angels

Happy Weekend Everyone!!!

I had a fun, silly and campy post for today..
Something about trimming the tree, tangled in tinsel..
blah blah blah..


Today happened...
I was plugging along..
getting some work done..
some Christmas shopping...
Out of the blue..
no warning..

As Miss Sarah Crawford said on Facebook..
"18 Angels"
That hits your heart like no other...
Now there are now 20 Angels(and 6 adults) all from my little State of Connecticut..
My mind is racing..
Unable to finish work, a thought, an emotion.

My heart hurts...
for those children..
the adults..
the parents..
the 20 empty stockings hanging on all the 20 mantlepieces.. 

Where my heart goes most..
The Moms... 
Not just because I am one..
but because I know how they think..
Not to say that the Fathers are any less important..
but they think differently..
Men think in the the now..
Woman..especially Moms are magical..
Don't you know?!
We have eyes in back of our heads..
We see things before they happen..
We can see the future...

We can hear the crying before the child even stirs in its crib..
We can see the finger in the socket before the child is even 6 feet away from it..
We can predict the face plant, the blood, the broken nose and the stitches before the child even climbs the tree..

It's both a curse and a blessing..

We have saved our children about a zillion times..

Some may think we get anxious, crabby and irritable
seeing too much into the future can be a burden and weigh heavy on our hearts..

Putting our child on the bus for the first time..
Allowing someone else to care for them...
It's hard..
It's hard to let go, let them grow and keep them safe all at the same time..

We have visions of the bus turning over..
a fire in the school..
a stranger taking their small hand and leading them away..

It never ever ends..

So I know what those Mom's are thinking..
I know what they are feeling..
I know that the most painful part for them is that they feel they weren't able to keep them safe..

That is our most important job..
there is nothing more horrific then when we can't..

Today when the bus came to drop off the Monster...
I got in the road..
He has to get off on the other side and many many cars buzz by..
always in a hurry...
always on the phone..
always distracted..
So there I stood..
right smack dab in the middle of the road..
glaring them down..
our bus driver smiled..
there was a thumbs up..
there was no hug..
he tossed his backpack at me..
skipped past me 
(yes my son skips..that's whole nother ball of wax)
then ran inside..
I kept him safe
I am grateful
I was granted a gift.

 This weekend..
I will take my little gift and we will trim our tree, make our house merry and bright
and count our blessings..

HUGE hugs to all those affected in
My heart sincerely goes out to all of you...

Be Safe, Hug those Babies and Have a Great Weekend!!!


  1. Beautifully stated, Ms. Wesson. You read my heart.

  2. I've been really upset about this since it happened and all day yesterday I felt like something was 'off' but reading what you wrote brought tears to my eyes. Tears that really needed to come out. Thank you for those words. They were a gift to me. They express everything I am thinking better than I could have expressed them myself.

  3. Yes, a beauty of a post. Thank You.

  4. Thanks for saying what we are all feeling. TEARY.