Monday, December 10, 2012

Boyz 2 Men.....

Image by Chocolate Creative Design

One may be bigger than the other but they are essentially the same thing..
They are adventurers, movers, shakers and dirt makers...

It is extremely hard to find gifts for them
as long as it has something to do with fire or is a gadget then you are golden..
They are...
Boyz to Men...

Boys like anything to do with Butts...
It's the honest truth..
These Animal Butt Magnets from ZGallerie will keep them giggling..

After surviving through 2 hurricanes one cannot have enough flashlights..
This Pull Cord Emergency Flashlight at Restoration Hardware is perfect when the stores run out of batteries...

 Boys eat ALOT..that's just a fact..
So why not have the farmyard help keep all those snacks fresh..
They might even make those boys clean up after themselves..
Animal Farm Chip Clips from Furbish 

Ever sit through dinner with a boy..well good luck...
I am LOVING these placemats...
Maybe just maybe..Mom and Dad could get a word in here or there...
Disguises Paper Placemats from Anthropologie

Like I said earlier...
Boys like Butts...
But they also like sounds...
Always a classic..always a hit..
Whoopee Cushions at Land of Nod..
Star Wars is on the top of every boys list...
but to know the names of the real stars..priceless..
Mini Constellation Map at Restoration Hardware.
Let's not even go into that it glows in the dark!
Boys LOVE adventure...
So what's better than scratching off all the places they've been to?!
Scratch Map at Uncommon Goods

Marbles are the key to every boys heart..
Whether they swallow them, roll them across the floor for you to trip on or create toilet paper roll tracks for them..
The Extreme Wall Stunt Wall Coaster at Uncommon Goods can make ANY wall into a marble roller coaster..

There hasn't been a Lego that I haven't stepped on 
these mini figures (if you can find them!) are a staple EVERY year.

Keeping dirty hands out of the ice maker or ice being dumped all over the floor surely is a tricky one...
but with these Sub Zero Reusable Ice Cubes at CB2 you might just have a chance.
Who knows..
they will probably end up in the bathtub...

This has got to be THE most perfect gift...
Santa has already ordered one for each of the Wesson Family members..Custom Krazy Straws...
Sadly, they only let you have 5 letters but since all 3 of us will never find a pencil or a mug with our name on it...
this is perfect.

Stickers that are removable and that glow in the dark...
Sign me up..
Nightlights from Wall Candy at 2Modern 

It's not easy keeping up with the shoes and clothes and toys that are strewn around the room making the perfect path from the door to the couch...
Hopefully this baby will get them organized and teach them responsibility. Since mine is money motivated...
I am banking on that this will work..
Kid's Responsibility Board at Uncommon Goods

Wallpaper: Scrapwood Wallpaper at Anthropologie

I'm not sure how well this keyboard cleans up but it's absolutely GORGEOUS!!
Bamboo Keyboard and Mouse at Anthropologie

Men LOVE fire so what's better than being able to carry your own fire...anywhere!
Bonfire Log at Terrain 

What guy doesn't want to videotape himself skydiving?
Well apparently this is THE camera to do it with..
GoPro Video Camera

 It's not just boys that you have to worry about poking their eyes out...
Guys might be a little safer with this German technology...
German Goggles at Restoration Hardware

Even if they don't drink...
A man should ALWAYS know to mix a good cocktail...
at least I know James Bond would agree with me.
Cocktail Book at Restoration Hardware.  

With an extra-tall husband...ties can be quite hard to find...
why not a bow tie...
and if a bow should ALWAYS be a Forage.. 

When you are married to a fisherman then you know at some point something's going in the drink...
Thankfully this Outdoor Technology Waterproof iphone Case will keep the phone dry..
at Urban Outfitters

There is nothing more masculine than a leather iphone cover...
at Restoration Hardware
They may have the Bonfire log but I bet they forgot the matches...
No worries..
This Swedish Fire steel can start a fire anytime..anywhere..
at Restoration Hardware

Wallpaper: Metallic Stag Wallpaper at Anthropologie 


  1. Great ideas! I got my dad some cashew brittle and beer soap!

  2. Great gift guide ... here's to 2013 edition!

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