Friday, December 7, 2012

Happy Weekend!!!

Image by Chocolate Creative Design
The Monster- 2005

Happy Weekend Everyone!!!!

It's funny when you think about how traditions start....
It seems they just happen without one even knowing it..
For us, it's the Wesson men that go out and hunt for the tree
while I stay home and forage through the ornaments and holiday decor.
The Monster gets to spend a little time with The Tall One and a little time with me...
then we come together and get to admire our creation...

It seems like yesterday when the above image was taken..
The Monster was a mere 2 and a half years old...
Time flies my friends...
It really really does..
The green frog boots have been put away and 
we actually wear the same size...

This weekend I am super deliciously excited  to get Christmasybe with my boys, get and trim our tree, catch up on my blog reading, and start painting our "Green Room" which will now be Palladium Blue!
(I promise to share pics)

Next week...
There will be a boyz 2 men gift guide, creative wreaths and images from the Velvet Mill Holiday Show!

Be Safe, Deck The Halls and Have a Great Weekend!!!

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