Monday, May 6, 2013

a little glitter to start your week...

Magicicada Earrings at Modcloth

They say that April showers bring May flowers...
with flowers come bugs...

They also say that after hibernating in the ground for 17 years...
Billions of Cicadas will be swarming the East Coast this Spring....

So I'm thinking, this may be the year of the bug instead of the snake...
So why not join them!
1. Scarab Necklace at Anthropologie
2. Boxchain Collar Necklace with Bug Detail at ASOS
3. Cameo Creature Locket at Anthropologie
1. All Abuzz Earrings at Modcloth
2. Vintage Beetle Brooch at Terrain
3. ABS by Allen Schwartz Jewelry Beetle Cocktail Ring At Saks Fifth Avenue
4. Alexis Bittar 'Allegory' Dragonfly Statement Pin at Nordstrom
5. Vintage Beetle Brooch at Terrain
6. Pearled Buzz Posts at Anthropologie
7. Sparkling Scarab Ring at Anthropologie


  1. I want those top earrings!! I love earrings that are beautiful and bejeweled and actually really weird like that.

  2. I remember the last cicada visit vividly–but you certainly can't beat 'em, so why not join them?