Thursday, May 23, 2013

Seeds and Stamps...

Certainly one design element that often gets forgotten when creating wedding invitations is the stamp...
Those who are not looking for pricey custom or vintage ones
are left to the mercy of the United States Postal Service...
Sadly the array of .64 cent stamps is exactly that..

But this year my lovelies..
This year I could honestly design an entire suite around these FABULOUS vintage seed packet stamps...

Ok..maybe I'm a little biased as they are
some of my favorites colors
possibly perhaps
90% of them are either growing or soon to be growing in my garden.

Can you imagine how lovely this garden wedding would be? 

Brides & Grooms..
I would be running on over to USPS before they all get picked! 

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  1. I bought 5 books a few weeks ago, and another half dozen of these yesterday!