Monday, January 20, 2014

a little glitter to start your week...

Little Narragansett Bay
Image by Chocolate Creative Design

Even though the air was so cold that it seemed to take our breaths away on our annual Martin Luther King Jr. holiday walk...
the sea was alive and glittering as the light danced through the spotted clouds above....

We humans are much like the sea...
moving forward..
constantly changing through ebbs & tides..
We are making those craggy rocks smooth to the touch..
slowly but surely eliminating sharp angles..
never dulling the colors..
but rather exposing their beauty that lies within..

We are lucky. 
We now ALL have the ability to have dreams,
share them
make them happen...

As I watched Mr. G bound and leap o'er the fields and head towards the craggy rocks to look out over the sea..
I was reminded of a dream that I have..
A dream that the other mammals that share our earth with us..
may one day share
in respect...
in justice...
in freedom...

Who knows..
Dreams are known to come true...

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