Thursday, January 2, 2014

A long winter's nap....

Image by Carl Bengtsson for Selvedge Magazine

Baby it's cold outside!!!
It's looking like Hercules is heading right in our direction...
Apparently, he is chock full of snow and icy winds.
Time to stock up on fire wood, batteries and  snacks!

I wish I could say that I was decked from head to toe in glitter this holiday season but sadly this year, it was my house that got the star treatment..

Luckily for me, I have been comfy, cozy and fully enjoying warm hearted Christmas gifts that were bestowed upon me.

Looks like I have been prepared for Hercules all along...

A gift from my Parents..
(Someone must have been reading my gift guides!!)
My favorite candle of ALL scent and in design....
She now comes in gold(even better!!)
A yummy tropical scent that is perfect when watching Hawaii Life .
Capri Blue Candle in a Jar(Volcano)at Anthropologie

A gift to Myself...
They may not be sexy but when living in an old, drafty house..
Every bit of warmth counts!!
Who knew that Target would make THE best flannel jammies  EVER!!
Scoop them up before they are ALL gone..I did!!
Gillian & O'Malley Women's Flannel Sleep Set at Target

A gift for my Toes..
Having Raynaud's Disease it a real drag..
But these AMAZINGLY soft socks make my toes happy!
All-Pro Women's 3 Pack MaxSpun Ankle Athletic Socks at Target

A gift from Auntie Egg..
Auntie Egg always knows the right remedies..
Need to sleep or relax...
This tea has it ALL!!
Celestial Seasons Herb Teas in Sleepytime

A gift from my Boys..
My boys know me ALL too well..
To keep this furnace warm during the winter months..
I flip flop between tea and coffee on a daily basis..
Perfect size, hefty and with the letter L on it..
Hands OFF!!
Monogram Mug at Anthropologie

A gift to our Family..
BEST gift of 2013.
A clown, a heart of gold, full of love, pure naughtiness and THE best snuggler/foot warmer EVER..
Mr. G was THE perfect gift for a family that desperately needed healing..
We will be forever grateful.
Mr. G was adopted at The Simon Foundation


  1. This looks a whole lot like my ideal winter day–especially now that I've got a little head cold!