Friday, January 17, 2014

Happy Weekend!!!

Image by Mac Scott

Happy Weekend Everyone!!!

Mid January...
The holiday decorations have been packed into boxes and carefully placed into the attic for another year.
The ground becomes frozen, cold and uncomfortable to the foot.
The landscape becomes brown, bare and void of color.
We catch up on sleep from the exhaustion of a month of merriment.
Full of hope and energy, we try to honor our New Year's resolutions.
 We begin again.

There is an eerie silence to it..
Perhaps a bit of Melancholy?

I disappeared this week from my beloved blog...
I needed to get my chickens in a row...
Get a head start on some wonderfully fun and creative projects that will keep me busy through the Spring..

But I am here..
Ready to begin again....

The Tall One received a rather fabulous gift this year..
a GoPro...
Meant for his adventures with the Monster via bike, boat or 
It was only fitting that it's first use was of his boys in the first snow of a brand NEW year..

It's not perfect or fabulously edited..
It's real...
So for the Monster's school blog..
I put together a little something...
Something that may bring a little joy to your day...
Something that may make you feel young again...
Something that may make you realize how wonderfully free we all are..

Griffin's First snow from lucinda wesson on Vimeo.
Film: The Tall One
Music: Lovely Day by Bill Withers

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  1. This made me grin–what a wonderful first use of the GoPro, and a joyous way to start the weekend!