Friday, February 17, 2012

Happy Weekend!!!!!

Image found via Lavender & Lilies

Happy Weekend Everyone!!!

Wednesday, I did a little jumping....
on the bed like a 6 year old...
You know the kind....
The kind where you jump so hard you could fall off
arms & legs flying like a helicopter
no grace
mouth wide open in a grin
laughing wildly
and yes..
in my head I was wearing a pink ruffled skirt
because it's so much better jumping in a pink ruffled skirt.

Why this craziness you say?
Well, I have been hard at work, non stop since this past September
and now...
it's time for a little Vacay...
Don't get me's been 5 of the most creative months in my life...
but sometimes a girl needs a creative break!

So I kicked off my Vacay yesterday with the help of my dear friend, Miss Heidi, with some home shopping, beautifying, lunching and dare I say a couple cocktails right in the middle of the afternoon!

I wish this was a Vacay set in the tropics
this is a Vacay which will be dedicated to me!

I have started making my list and hopefully will be able to check everything off by Mid-March!

1. Taxes (UGH)
2. Rebranding of Chocolate Creative Design (Hooray!)
3. Designing of Chocolate Creative Design Website (Finally!!)
4. Haircut and all things beautifying (Double Hooray!)
5.Spending Time and Playing with the Monster 
(He has started his list)
6. Spending Time and Laughing with the Tall One (SOO Needed)
7. Painting, Cleaning and Redesigning our Home (Thank Goodness)
8. Spending Time with Friends (This means you Amy Graver!)
9. Exercise and Get in Shape 
(Least favorite...I think I'd rather do my taxes)
10. Plan the Garden (Spring is in 1 Month!! Yipee!!)
11. Rework the blog (I might need some input here my friends!)

Ok...So now I will be accountable..
It's here in black & white...
It's a long list and a short amount of time....
but I Think I can, I Think I Can....

I have already started Pinning on Pinterest 
(Holy Moly is that ever addicting)
So follow along with me...
on Pinterest

Be Safe, Stop & Smell the Roses and Have a Great LONG Weekend!!!!


  1. Love this! You are so inspiring and creative! And vacays are super important!

  2. ENJOY the vacation–may it be productive, creative and inspiring!