Friday, February 24, 2012

Happy Weekend!!!!!

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Happy Weekend Everyone

I went to bed and the temp outside was a balmy 50 degrees...
When I woke up...
 there was a lovely blanket of white powdery snow. 
How unbelievably magical is that?!

During my so called Vacay... I have accomplished a few things
(although not as much as I would like!)

So far..
These are what I can cross of this past week...

1. Taxes (UGH)
2. Rebranding of Chocolate Creative Design (Hooray!)
3. Designing of Chocolate Creative Design Website (Finally!!)
4. Haircut and all things beautifying (Double Hooray!)
5.Spending Time and Playing with the Monster 
(He has started his list)
6. Spending Time and Laughing with the Tall One (SOO Needed)
7. Painting, Cleaning and Redesigning our Home (Thank Goodness)
8. Spending Time with Friends (This means you Amy Graver!)
9. Exercise and Get in Shape 
(Least favorite...I think I'd rather do my taxes)
10. Plan the Garden (Spring is in 1 Month!! Yipee!!)
11. Rework the blog (I might need some input here my friends!)

Next week...
I will be getting a new do, dealing with taxes, spend time with the Monster, do some more painting and redesigning of the house and START exercising!

I get to do #6 as The Monster is up staying with his grandparents and cousins having an absolute BLAST and the Tall One and I will be able to have a fabulous date night!!

Stay Safe, Paint in the Snow and Have a Great Weekend!!!


  1. I can personally verify that #8 can be crossed off the list. Awesome night out at River Tavern - when can we go out again? You're rockin' this list, Lu! Keep it going ....