Monday, February 27, 2012

Holy Coral....

 What do Wasps love better than Kelly Green??
It's not pink my's Coral!
Michelle Williams who was dressed in Louis Vuitton, hit it OUT of the park at last night's Oscars!
I am NOT a fan of the peplum BUT those of us who weren't blessed with a Wasp waist, this "shoulder pad" for the hips is a god send!!
It's ALL about smoke & mirrors Ladies!!
The simplicity of her jewelry (I have always been a huge fan of wearing either earrings or a necklace but not both!)and the touches of pink in her her lips and her bag make this ensemble TO DIE FOR!
I just want to hug her entire styling team!
Honestly...that diamond bow brooch (perfectly placed I might add) just MAKES the outfit!

I swear...her stylists MUST have been following The Housewives of Stonington...who back in 2009 properly predicted this fabulous color
aptly named "Wasp Coral"!


  1. I think she looked stunning in that coral hue! What a summery and fresh pop of color :)

  2. I think she looked great...but she always seems to look great!