Friday, March 16, 2012

Happy Weekend!!!!!

Image by Corey Arnold
(check out his website...Alaskan Fisherman turned photographer)

Happy Weekend Everyone!!

What a fantastic weekend it will be!! 
The Monster has his last basketball game of the season against Milagros...
Now I do have a soft spot for Milagros especially a certain little boy on that team...
Our team is undefeated thus far and we'd like to keep it that way!
Baseball tryouts are immediately follow which means Spring is HERE!!
Perhaps a little Spring cleaning will be in order too...

Oh wait...I almost forgot...
 Ok.. no I didn't... 
It's the Tall One's birthday today!!!
Usually we head up North and go skiing but since it's a full on sports weekend, we are officially grounded...
So this year I had a bit of a hard time picking out a gift..
I mean the man has EVERY piece of fishing equipment out there!
Clothing is impossible to buy 
(good luck finding ANYTHING decent that's extra tall)
He has a watch which was purchased on our honeymoon
Tick tock tick tock Lucinda..
Well I can't spill the beans now...
This I will promise my Tall One...
When we finally move down South
(after the Monster has grown)
and we find a little house(shack) on the water
I will build you an official "Fish Station"
Check this one out I found in Southern Living!
 (How cool are those bucket lights?!
Available at Barn Light Electric)

Located in the garage...
It's perfectly equipped for the fisherman!
Apparently, there is a grill located around the corner so that you can clean your catch and grill it up in one fell swoop!

Ok so maybe it's not a shack....
BUT..It's that converted barn that you have always dreamed about...
and the views are

 Don't worry Tall One...I have your back...
We still share the same dream after all these years..
Can you believe it..
It was exactly 13 years ago TODAY that you called me up for a "blind date" that forever changed our lives...

Happy Birthday Tall One..
Blow out those many many many candles
and make another wish that I know will come true!

Be Safe, Pick a Daffodil, and Have a Great Weekend!!!


  1. Awww Happy Birthday Tall One! :)

  2. A very happy birthday to the Tall One–it sounds like you found him the perfect gift!!

  3. Happy Birthday to Jono! Your southern dream sounds lovely and a fisherman's delight!