Friday, March 23, 2012

Happy Weekend!!!!!

Image by Polly Wreford

Happy Weekend Everyone!!

It is absolutely breathtakingly gorgeous today!
68 degrees in our little part of Connecticut is crazy!
It isn't until June do we dare reach those temperatures!
The forsythia is quickly catching up to me as I clip her wild branches to bring inside!
I just saw a Magnolia tree in bloom!
I know they all had a tough go of it during the hurricane this past August and want nothing more than to come back to life...
but it does worry me a bit!
Looks like it will be a garden rose season instead of a peony season for all those lovely brides out there!!

The spring blooms always remind me of my Dad...
He is the one who has inspired me to love gardening..
So I am very happy that many of these blooms will be showing up with a beautiful smile for him on his birthday this Sunday!

My Dad,(aka Pop-Pop), has always had a hard time accepting gifts...
It's not in his nature you see...
as he is the one who is always giving!

This year is no exception...
He plans to take his children and grandchildren on a cowboy adventure out West this summer!
It will primarily be a Smith adventure with a couple Wessons thrown in for good measure.
(yes, I did indeed become a Wesson after originally being a Smith)

My Father is truly one of the only selfless persons that I know..
Anyone who knows him, knows that by us strapping on our boots and slapping on some spurs, it will be the best birthday gift of ALL time!

 He is truly a wonderful Pop-Pop!

As emails were being thrown back and forth regarding timing on this adventure...I couldn't help but giggle at one...
When my father asked us to contact his travel agent, Connie, to set up our flights...
the Tall One (aka smart-ass) inquired...

"Does Connie know where I can I find size 38-Xtra-long chaps and size 14 cowboy boots?"

Being the visual person that I am....
This is what immediately came to mind....

Ahhh Family...what would we do without them?

Happy Birthday Pop-Pop!!
I think you now know what to get your Son-In-Law for Father's Day!

Be Safe, Be Barefoot and Have a Great Weekend!!

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