Friday, March 30, 2012

Happy Weekend!!!!!

Image by Liz Ham

Happy Weekend Everyone!!!

The trees are all turning a slight shade of red as they are ready to burst with new foliage.
The Magnolia trees are now in full bloom which makes me sad and happy at the same time.
You see, our house came with a 100 year old Magnolia tree which has now been butchered to one branch due to a very pushy Elm that has encroached on it's sunlight... 
Hopefully this year, we might find a new one and plant it in honor of our southern heritage.

you really know it's Spring when..
Vintage baseballs at woodnheart on Etsy

Baseball season starts!!

Yup that's right...starting this weekend, the Monster starts Minors 2 Little League and with the help of the Tall One who just so happens to manage the team..
I can guarantee that I will be tripping over various bats, balls and gloves for the next 3 months...

During said time...I get to have a little fun with my boys..playfully arguing which baseball team is THE best..

I think we all know it's the Yankees!!
{Personally I don't really care but I have to say it's a heck of a lot of fun driving around with my Yankee's license plate cover in Red Sox country! Even better...Having both teams stickers on your car..seriously..people don't even know what to do with themselves..)

On another note....
Chocolate Creative Design will be in full swing over the next 4 weeks....
3 Wedding Invitation Suites and 1 Save the Date!!
April showers bring it on as I will not be able to see the sun till May!
But that's ok...when I will be planting time!

Stay Safe, Plant a Tree and Have a Great Weekend!!