Thursday, March 22, 2012


Image found via weheartit

Here in Connecticut, we are absolutely, positively LOVING this May-like weather!!
Sadly our sun-shiny dreams will come to an end soon because as quickly as the warm temperatures arrived..this weekend, we will be back in our winter coats with an added umbrella!

But we need the rain....
Rain brings the flowers...

Yet I can honestly say....
I am tired of my huge clunky snow boots and my cold rubber rain boots...
But what is a Lady to wear in these soon to be rainy months?

Well..Just like they always do..
Anthropologie has come to our rescue...

What's more fashionable than a lovely and colorful umbrella??

These are some of my favorite finds...
without breaking the bank!

My Favorite!

So rain away...rain away!!


  1. Cory rain wedge with the Piano Man.. Bring on the spring showers!!

  2. Love those Florence flats...great colors.