Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Spring has Sprung and it's time to Tip Toe through...

Image found via Easy to Grow Bulbs
In the Northeast on the Shoreline, it's easy to spot the early signs of Spring.
The air gets warmer and sweeter, the birds start chirping, the Peepers put on their concerts as the sun sets and pastel hues magically pop out of the ground and paint the once drab landscape.

First the dainty purple crocuses emerge

Image created by Lisa Russo

the sun colored daffodils...

followed by..
 Image created by Maria Kallin

The ombre sky Muscari

and finally...
Image found via Martha Stewart

my beloved and graceful tulips.

But for all those mothers of boys....

Free to walk through your home without stepping on Legos.
Free to NOT pick up dirty socks and various articles of clothing such as hats, gloves, mittens, jackets and very very wet boots.
Free to use your counter tops..
(as the Matchbox car parade has been taken outside)
 Free of any electronic noises such as wii, DS or T.V.

Because for them...
it's time to go outside, explore the world and find...



 Animal Carcasses!

And perhaps some sea glass, shells, rocks and sharp, rusty, pointy metal objects.
(didn't you know that ALL boys are human metal detectors?)

As Miss Sawin coined it yesterday..
Are we celebrating 
The last day of Winter or the first day of Spring?

But it wouldn't really be Spring on the Shoreline till you...

Tip-toe through the ocean...

and give a little jump....

(with a little help from Chocolate Creative Design)


  1. Awww love the photos of the kids...and so happy about spring! :) xo

  2. This is such a perfect post, and the photos are beautiful! I remember always squealing when the daffodils would start to bloom!