Monday, February 25, 2013

a little glitter to start your week....

You have heard me wax eloquently about her at least a half a dozen times...
Yes... she still is the coolest of cool...
now I have the ultimate proof that everything she does turns to GOLD...

The lovliest of Lovelies, Miss Sarah Loomis Crawford of Lil Hoot has yet AGAIN had Ashly's Mermaid Bridal Shower grace the pages of a publication..
This time in print...
First it was Wedding Chicks
Next it was Classic Bride
and now..
(page 54-55)
Now some may say...that's great..but many weddings getting published a few times on other sites or publications..
But guess what people..this isn't a wedding it's a bridal shower......
and folks..I have YET to see that happen.. 

So bask away my sweet Lovely...
YOU deserve it!!

Honestly..and truthfully..
 I am convinced she is an alien from another planet..
who even looks this good after 8 years of marriage and 4 year old twin girls...
6/23/05  Corrina Raznikov                       10/06/12   White Loft Studio

I know..right?!

I might just have to start calling her E.T. 
and really start checking her hands for that glowing golden finger..
I mean it makes total sense...
Last time they got it all wrong in sending
a slimy bug-eyed little man..
 why not send a gorgeous beautiful woman to throw everyone off track...
But I know who she is... 
That is why I choose to stick to her like glue..
I was lucky enough to work with her on 4 other projects last year
(yet to be unveiled) 
and this year...
well this year..
I believe to be the finest one yet...
you'll just have to wait and see
what this GOLDEN girl has up her sleeve..

Mermaid Bridal Shower Credits
event styling: lil hoot  photography: white loft studio
invitation/paper goods/styling: chocolate creative design  flowers: petal floral design
macaroons: c.crowell confections  cookies: sugar on top
holla sign: oh dier  mermaids sign:  by the seashore decor
linens: la tavola  fondant peony: sugar and stripes co.

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  1. Agreed. NO one has the right to look that good after 8 years of marriage and children. Sarah, can't you slip up just a little? You're raising the bar way out of our reach!