Thursday, February 14, 2013

Dueling Designers Part Treize

Wilhelmina Cooper for Vogue 1962

LOVE must be in the air this month..
The lovely and talented Miss Amy Graver poked me last week and reminded me that it's been a very very long time since the Dueling Designers had made an appearance...
You know what...she was absolutely right!
The last one was way back in June of 2011!! 

So in honor of THE day of LOVE, Valentine's Day..
We picked

The Fabulous Miss Amy Graver picked a gorgeous palette of warm and cool fuschias mixed with a sophisticated black!
Can that cake look ANY more delicious?!!

For me, being able to work with pink was a dream....
since I just so happen to be surrounded by men...
I simply chose a palette which started at red, moved to fuschia, softened to the lightest of pinks and finally grounded by grey.

So put on those shades...
because these Dueling Designers are gonna brighten your day and warm your heart
on this perfectly perfect
Day of Hearts!!

Elements Design

Chocolate Creative Design


  1. Seriously ... the talent is amazing. LOVE

  2. ummmm.... I kind of LOVE these!!! & so glad to see the dueling designers back in action!!! xo

  3. I'm game! Lu, shall we have another furl?