Friday, February 15, 2013

Happy Weekend!!

Happy Weekend Everyone!!

Even though Valentine's Day is over....
I'm still thinking February is the month of LOVE..
Spending the entire last weekend in my snowsuit in my 42 degree house...
(and the 3rd time in 2 years we have lost power for more than 3 days)
could have taken me to the darkest of dark...
Learning how to play Pokemon, romping and giggling in the snow with the Monster and snuggling under 3 down comforters with all 4 of my boys made me realize that it was LOVE that had gotten me through it all...

So here's to looking at the bright side of life, not letting the turkeys get you down and finding more LOVE in one's life whether it be a person, a place, a job or a pet!

Another snowfall is about to arrive tonight..
I have my snow pants ready, the Pokemon cards are shuffled and my boys to keep me warm..

Be Safe, Make a Snow Woman and Have a Great Long Weekend!!

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