Thursday, February 24, 2011

Black Swan a Swimming....

In just a few days, the Oscars will be upon us. Glittering gowns will be drifting and dancing down the red carpet, setting the tone for a year full of fashion. Last year, I gave nod to a style icon, the beautiful Miss Grace Kelly. This year, I decided to give nod to a modern actress who I have been enamored with since she first appeared in The Professional in 1994, a mere 17 years ago at the ripe old age of 10.
Miss Natalie Portman has certainly paid her dues and is finally up for Best Actress for her portrayal in Black Swan.
So what's a girl to wear? 
In 2009, she glimmered in a pink Rodarte..Fabulous!!
This year, with baby on board and growing rapidly, picking a dress might be a little harder.
She has already shown up in a pink Viktor & Rolf at the Golden Globes and a white Azzaro at the Sag Awards...

So my friends..What color are you predicting?

Shall it be 
passionate and fiery red?


Serene and confident blue?

even better...could it be MY personal favorite
Glittery and shimmery metallics?

Whatever the case may be, she will look absolutely fabulous with a beautiful story to tell her little peanut.


  1. Love this! I go for the aqua blue. And if she doesn't wear it, I want it!

  2. Perhaps the color will tip us off as to the babies sex - blue or pink?

  3. I LOVED that pink Rodarte dress.... if i could afford it, it would be in my closet and I would wear it to every event (and sometimes the grocery store!)

  4. Ah, the Oscars! My guess is for metallics-they look so chic this season!