Friday, February 4, 2011

A little Under the Weather....

For the past week, I have been a little under the weather.... I have been on so much medication that I truly believe I just saw a flock of pigs fly past my window. Today, I was supposed to post about a beautiful wedding invitation set that I designed for a lovely couple this past summer.  Sadly, my brain is exactly like those drug commercials...this is your brain, this is your brain on drugs..

Just a mere fried egg in a pan...

 Weirdly enough.. the only thing that saved me..A can of Progresso's Chicken Noodle Soup...(Now that's a horror story for another day...)

Anyhoo..I will just have to give you a little teaser and hope that you will come back on Monday to see the real deal!!!

Image by Chocolate Creative Design


  1. feel better, Lucinda! Can't wait to see the rest on Monday - it's beautiful so far!

  2. Love it, chicken soup girl, talk soon and feel better.

  3. Thanks Ladies.....Feeling better already!!!

  4. ooh no! feel better!!! (& eagerly awaiting the full invite unveil!) xo

  5. I hope you are feeling better and where did you find this picture? There is nothing worse than a toof ache and oral surgery.