Friday, February 11, 2011

Let your imagination grow..Lil Hoot

Over the past few weeks, I have been eagerly awaiting and crazily excited to be able to bring this post to you! If you have been following along with Glitter, Glue and Fireflies you might just recognize the beautiful woman in the pictures above. If not, this lovely lady, the fabulous Miss Sarah Loomis Crawford has graced many of my posts including Let your Imagination Grow on True & Wesson
and most recently in the Holiday Gift Guides this past December.

As I had mentioned in the Holiday Gift Guide, this lady is certainly one to watch. Little did I know, a mere month later, that I would receive the call I had been waiting for for years. Miss Crawford has allowed her imagination to grow by coming up with an ingenious idea...planning and designing kids birthday parties.
Now if I wasn't such an insane designer and relished designing the Monster's parties, I can tell you Miss Crawford would be the person I would call!!
Witnessing her design the most AMAZING weddings EVER, she is the Queen of thoughtful, creative and certainly out of the box details. Most importantly..she does it with passion and with heart!

Sooo...I was flattered, excited and deeply honored that Miss Crawford asked me to do her company branding. I can't tell you how wonderful it was to collaborate with her again...Like two peas in a pod...

So without further adieu...
Let's Meet Mr. Hoot, the face of Lil Hoot Parties..

I have to admit it folks..this HAS to be my all time favorite company that I have branded thus far. Mr. Hoot was inspired by Miss Crawford's twin daughters love of owls. Honestly..I could look at him all day...I have fallen in love with an owl...

So, we designed up some simple business cards and flat notecards to get Mr. Hoot on his way..

But the ultimate of ultimate was the design of Lil Hoot's web page...

Trust me HAVE to go see it....Simple, clean with a bit of a surprise....
All I can say is that Jon Michaelsen of Braincloud Media is a creative GENIUS, the coolest cat out there and he is stuck with me forever!!

So run, jump and fly on over to Lil Hoot's web page, Facebook page and most inspiring..the blog..

It just goes to show letting your imagination grow, anything is possible!!


  1. You did an amazing job on Mr Hoot!! I am so proud of my cousin Sarah and so happy that she has so many talented friends to support her on this new venture!!

  2. oh, wow, love, love , love!!!! So cool.

  3. woooooooooow!!!!! so exciting!!!! love the idea & the design!!!