Thursday, February 10, 2011

Love, Honey and Coffee...

I consider myself to be one lucky lady....a beautiful and loving family, amazing friends, a great house and a career where I get to do what I love. One of the luckiest pieces to my puzzle of life is an amazing Mom-in-Law. She is magical, mystical, loving and a great Momee (grandma). 
A million years ago when the Tall One and I had just gotten engaged and recently purchased our antiquated farmhouse, my Mom-in- Law and I went window shopping in Watch Hill, R.I.. We both have a deep fondness for all things hand-made and whimsical. On our adventure, we spotted the sweetest heart coffee scoop EVER. Created by Beehive Kitchenware, which now has a fabulous shop on Etsy, each piece is hand cast using antique tools. I fell madly in love.
Without missing a beat, My Mom-in--Law surprised me with it as a housewarming gift.

It's funny how an object so simple can bring back such amazing memories and feelings.
It is now proudly stored in the drawer under the coffee maker and every morning when I make the coffee, it makes me think of that special day and takes me back to
when we bought our home and why I married my very tall man.

Thank you Momee!!


  1. I covet Paula Deen's pewter measuring spoons/cups by Crosby & Taylor (formerly Tin Woodsman) You're a gal after my own heart...check them out!

  2. oooooooooh, i beyond LOVE this. how beautiful & what a great sentiment!

  3. Ooohh Chelsea...thank you..wil definitely check out!!! You might need a couple at your wedding!! Miss Sparkle...all I can say is that it screams you!!!

  4. How charming, and what a very sweet mother in law!

  5. What a cute little spoon!!!