Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Coral Dreaming....

 Ok...it is WAY too cold out there for the 3rd day of Spring...
What keeps me going is dreaming and scheming of my garden..
Miss Yumiko Fletcher, of Hana Floral Design, created one of the most fabulous and one of my most favorite bouquets for Ashley and Elliott on the Island years ago.
This year it's time...It's time to plant several Coral Charm Peonies in the Garden.
It has been many years since I first fell in love with them and I honestly don't believe that I could EVER fall out of love.
I do think... Miss Yumiko will be quite pleased!!


  1. oh indeed! watch out though! i may be snip snipping in your garden!!! ;)

  2. You are ALWAYS welcome in my garden Yumiko!!

  3. coral charm?! i love just the name along - and (naturally) it is so, so pretty!

  4. These flowers are just so gorgeous, and I can't resist the Melissa Sweet Dora either! I'm in heaven!