Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Into the Garden...

Wanna know a secret?? I wish I could spend all my time in the garden..I dream of  having just a few more months of warm weather here in the Northeast, so I could sit and smell the flowers like Ferdinand. 
I have a theory... That gardening is a lot like golf..
Ok..I know that sounds ridiculously strange..but it is... 
You get to be outside in the fresh air. You get LOTS of exercise (ever mow a 3 acre lot with just a push mower? Or weed for hours?). But most telltale sign? It's like that moment in golf (so I've been told) when your stance is correct, you swing (at a teeny tiny ball), the ball soars and it feels like magic. 
In gardening, there is less control, you are up against bugs and weather. You have to figure out the timing of everything, what can be planted in unison, what will replace something else and let's not even get started on color...
But when it does work's like magic and then you are hooked...
 At the opening of Anthropologie in Cranston, Rhode Island, I just happened to spy with my little eye the most glorious and wonderful gardening books..
The first one is called My Garden-A Five Year Journal by Mimi Luebbermann
Beautifully hand-bound and gorgeous on ANY bookshelf, it is chock full of perfectly illustrated pages to keep track of your garden for FIVE years!!
Since our garden is on the 30 year plan..I might just have to order a few more for myself!!

The Second, Soil Mates, written by Graphic Designer, Sara Alway, is the perfect book for the beginning Gardener (and even the expert) to understand exactly how, what, when and where to companion plant in your garden. To be honest, I was just sold by the hard bound book and lovely illustrations!! 
I have already ordered several of these books as gifts for others but couldn't help gift some to myself as well!!

Happy Gardening!!


  1. i just planted some dill (for homemade pickles, of course), cilantro, sweet peas and a few other things in these cute mercury glasses i found last weekend - i can't wait to work in the back garden when it stops raining!

  2. What beautiful books! I've not a orangey-brown thumb, but my mother is something else with dirt and would love one of these!