Thursday, March 10, 2011

March Love...

Late last night, after returning from my studio where I was putting the finishing touches on a Fab Save the Date, I was greeted with the loveliest of lovely emails. 

The beautiful and talented Miss Suzanna March had graciously asked me to create some banners for one her fabulous e-shoots last month.
Now this is just a sneak peek...I pinky swear promise you that when it's unveiled, I will share with you all the ingrediants needed to create one for yourself!!
For now...just revel in the beauty that the Lovely Miss Suzanna March has created!!

Aren't her images Gorgeous??!! 
Pop on over to The Suzanna March Photography blog for more of her beautiful work!!


  1. AAAHHH!! you are going to TEACH us how to do this?!?!?!? i'm telling you now i'm making one. i cannot WAIT to see more!!

  2. Thank you SO much for creating these, Lucinda! They were perfect and I love them to pieces! :)

  3. Eek! How gorgeous! And I absolutely LOVE that typeface-used it on our Christmas cookbook this year!

  4. Thank you Ladies!!! Yes Miss Sparkle...will be teaching....get the glue gun ready locked and loaded...Lena...Everyone has been using my favorite Men in Black font so I'm onto my new obsession...GrekoDeko....Would LOVE to see the Christmas cookbook!!

  5. I want to see the cookbook too, and I love all this talk of typefaces, so yummy! Can't wait to see the sparkle come to life, Miss Glitter and Glue!