Thursday, March 24, 2011

Dueling Designers...Part Dix..

Aha..after a long hiatus, the Dueling Designers are back!!!
The lovely and super talented Miss Amy Graver of Elements Design and I decided to band together this time to pick the Pantone color and theme of Board Number Dix..
What we came up with was a fabulous little green, Pantone 359 to be exact, and a Cocktail Garden themed Party!!
I myself, was inspired by those lovely and colorful ladies, 
The Housewives of Stonington. Bright coloful prints, fushia colored cocktails, Striped tents (just like my Parent's wedding tent) and ginormous cocktail rings!!

Miss Graver, of course rocked it out of the park, designed
a party that is the epitome of elegance..
Watercolor invitations, glass cloches filled with ferns, herb infused cocktails and seating under trees filled with lanterns...

Elements Design
Row one :: AppleTini :: Cake :: Garden setting :: 

Chocolate Creative Design
Top: Woman: Mad Men,Patio:House Beautiful,
Zebra Coaster: AnthropologieCouple: Mad Men
Middle: Grass Image: Oh Joy, Ring: Anthropologie
Floral Plates: Anthropologie
Pink Cocktail:SeattleMet, Pigs in a Blanket: Callahan Catering
Bottom: Print Dress: Trina Turk, Flower Ring: Anthropologie
Green Plate: Target

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