Friday, March 25, 2011

Happy Weekend!!

Image by Beata Cervin

Happy Weekend Everyone!!!

It's been such a wonderfully busy week full of projects in the studio here at Chocolate Creative Design..

A little Sneak peek of the Rebranding for the fabulous 
Miss Anna Sawin!!
But wait...there's more..
Another lovely sneak peek of a delish Save the Date for Amy & Tim who are getting married at Island Farm on Elihu Island this Fall...We'll just have to wait for Miss Sawin (who just so happens to be their photographer)to take some pics...

Image by Chocolate Creative Design
For me....The most exciting...
An evening spent with my Dad kickin it old school at the 21 Club in NYC on his birthday...even little brother flew in all the way from LaLa Land for this momentous occasion!!
Me & My Dad (a long long long time ago)
Happy Birthday Dad!!
We Love you!!

Stay Safe, Stay Warm and have a Great Weekend!!


  1. Love it! And have a great night with Dad and crew!

  2. Enjoy NYC, like the sneek peek, too!

  3. Oh, what a perfect photo! Have a divine weekend, and a very happy birthday to your Papa!

  4. so exciting on all levels!!! can't wait to see and hear more about everything!!!!