Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Memorable March...

Image by Gemma Comas, Found via Dress Design Decor

For most, March is one those strange transitional months...It's not quite Winter and not quite Spring. It can be very cold, damp, dreary and wet with the possibility of a snow shower or two. Those fabulous new colorful Spring clothes which you have been dying to wear still have to hang in your closet until mid-April even though it's considered "Spring".
But for me, the signs of crocuses and daffodils peeking through the soil give me hope for warmer weather just around the corner. What keeps me even warmer during this month??  The most wonderful of wonderful memories of some of the most special moments and occasions of my life that just so happen this week of March.

11 years ago today...
Image found via Country Living

A very handsome, tall and loving man asked me to marry him, overlooking 3 states with a sun and a moon high in the sky.
The next day...
Image by Chocolate Creative Design

We just so happened to find our antiquated farmhouse to call our very own.
Our first born son (with a tail), the distinguished Mr. Hobbes, was born this week and it only took us 7 months to find him.

Yet, I wouldn't have all these wonderful memories without this amazing person who just so happens to celebrate his birthday today...
Image by Gay & Donald Wesson

To my Tall One....
What a wonderful week, what a wonderful life...
To sharing a life together and maybe a popsicle or two..
To the perfect catch and many more years of memories that keep us warm on cold and rainy March days...

Happy Happy Birthday!


  1. What a wonderful post, and an amazing adventure the two of you have had together!

  2. So many reasons to celebrate! Pass along my birthday wishes to "the tall one" (I like that!).