Friday, March 4, 2011

Happy Weekend!!

Happy Weekend Everyone!!!

It has certainly been a fun filled, creatively exciting and jam packed week!!


The fabulous Miss Anna Sawin shared a sneak peak of the new branding that we have been collaborating on together!


The MOST sparkliest bride and groom finally got to show off their dreamy delish wedding on 

How AHmazing is that bouquet that Miss Yumiko Fletcher and her Hana Floral Pink Ladies created?!!! I have since added cottage roses and dahlias to my cutting garden list after seeing this fantastically gorgeous display of blooms!!

In the next few weeks, look out for a lengthy post regarding the amazingly creative process and journey that Mr. & Mrs. Ethier and I took in order to dream, create and design their paper...

Image found via British Blades

We will be in the studio for the next 2 weeks working on two of the most fabulously fun Save the Dates...

All I can give you is a little clue....

Be Safe, Stay warm and see you on Monday!!


  1. yaaaaaaaaay, hooraaaaaaaaaay, and cannot WAIT to see what you are dreaming up!!! xoxo

  2. Fantastic!
    P.S. my phone is awol, but my voice mail comes to my computer. Will call you when I find it!

  3. What an amazing week you've had, and how divine the stuff coming up sounds! Can't WAIT to hear all about it, darling! Enjoy your weekend!

    xo, Lena

  4. oooooooooooooooo love all of that! Can't wait to see the Save the Dates!!! :)