Friday, December 23, 2011

Happy Weekend!!!!!

Image created by Tracey Lau

Happy Weekend Everyone!!!!

We are practically jumping out of our skins here at the Wesson Household....
While some are dreaming of a White Christmas....I feel like I have already gotten my Christmas wish with the 56 degree balmy spring-like weather!!

Just this week, we finished donning our tree...
Image created by Wichmann & Bendtsen

From then on it's just been a waiting game...
 Image created by All the Beautiful Things

 In the meantime, myself and ALL three boys have been making cookies and reading from my all-time favorite book...
 Richard Scarry's
The Animals' Merry Christmas whose illustrations will forever be lovingly ingrained in my head!

 Instead of Sugarplums...
The Monster will have these dancing in his head...
 Matchbox Car Installation created by David T Waller

 And for any of you non-believers...
Sign found via Iron Accents

 Be Safe, Believe in Magic(its's good for your health) and Have a Great Weekend!!


  1. okay so emi has been reading that book the last week too!!! you know i am so with you on richard scarry!!! i wanted to live in a world with dressed up animals as my neighbors!!! classic!!!

  2. I believe I believe! Merry Christmas Lucinda! xo