Friday, December 30, 2011

Happy Weekend!!!!!

Image by Chocolate Creative Design
Quote by Ray Bradbury

Happy Weekend Everyone!!

I have spent nearly an entire week just trying to put words to paper, on what exactly I would post for this final post of the year.

Should I write about all the wonderful things that happened over a course of a year?
Should I write about what I inspire to do in the coming year?
Should these lists be illustrated or purely words?
So many ideas swimming around inside this tiny little head..

But then life happened...
The kind that takes your breath away..
It makes you numb and unable to move a single muscle in your entire body.
In less than 24 hours, we have found out that we have lost a beloved family member, one who was full of spirit and too young to leave us.

But I am not writing this to seek sympathy or condolences...
I am writing this because sometimes those moments, as horrible as they may be, can give us the ability of sight.
A sight where the past doesn't seem so important. 
That lists are just lists.

What is important though...
is to live each day to the fullest..
To be grateful for the things that surround you no matter how big or small.
To try and grab the brass ring even if you fail 100 times.
and most importantly...
to LOVE!

So even though I said I wasn't writing a list, for 2012 I will be trying to follow along with these simple yet powerful actions..

Live Life
Grab the Brass Ring

As my heart is with a family in mourning,
I am strangely comforted in the thought that this wonderful spirited boy is now in the company of his father, that they are diving in the deep blue seas, swimming with the sharks and planning their next great adventure.

Be Safe, Tell Someone you Love Them, and Have a Great Weekend!!


  1. My heart is saddened for your loss, my dear friend. Without further adieu, I will tell you that I cherish our friendship, happy to have found a kindered spirit who understands me and I her and will never take for granted the wonderful person you are and our friendship. xo Sorry for your loss. I'm here should you need me ...

  2. So sorry for your loss, Lucinda. And thanks for your, as always, perfect words of insight and beauty. My love and best wishes to you and your beautiful family for a healthy, happy and extraordinary new year! bp

  3. Beautiful post.
    Hope you have a very happy New Year.

  4. I am so sorry to hear about the loss, but your positive light in your words is comfort (not only to you I'm sure) but to those around you and your readers as well. Here's to a peaceful 2012!