Monday, December 19, 2011

What boys are made of....

If Girls are made of glitter, glue and sequins then
Boys are made of mud, grass stains and HUGE hearts!
Miss Anna Sawin asked me to create a Boys gift guide..
Well, my friends, as you know...
I am always up for a challenge...

Ok..I am not one to give ANYTHING that will make ANY sound BUT this looks super cool! The Rock-IT turns ANY Item (and I mean any!)
into a amplifier....Hook it up to your ipod and let them "Hunt" through the house to find the perfect speaker!
Since it's mobile....send them outside!!
Last year, the book the Monster chose was Percy Jackson & The Lightening Thief. Absolutely enthralled with both the book and the movie, we are recommending book two, The Sea of Monsters which will also be out on the big screen come March 2012!
Boys LOVE to collect things...From animal skeletons to matchbook cars....Pottery Barn had a Fab Cubby Shelf which sadly is no longer available BUT you can turn ANY vintage wood bottle case into something AMAZING!
The Monster hates anything "Itchy" and J.Crew offers some amazing graphic tees that are as soft as a baby's bottom!
Cars,cars and more cars....I ordered these Pottery Barn Personalized Buckets 7 years ago and they are NOW just starting to deteriorate..They go inside,outside,inside and outside.
Legos..where would we all be without them..They raise the creative mind and can bust open your toe in a nano second..There are so many to choose from now...It's enough to make your mind explode! Any of the boats in The CITY series are AWESOME! They can rebuild ANY boat AND be carried from room to room without fear of dismantling!
Bugs and slimy creatures seem to always make it INTO our house...
We've had Frog Kits, Ant Farms and even Sea Monkeys..
These Prehistoric Aquasaurs should make any dinosaur fan jump for joy!


  1. Merriest of Christmas and new years wishes to you and your lovely family, Ms. Wesson. hope to see you around the corner. xxoo bp

  2. Oh my goodness awesome guide. You seriously cannot go wrong with cars!

  3. what a beautiful layout.... talent!

  4. Such great gifts, and it truly is a stunning layout!

  5. Thank you so much ladies! You made my day! Those fidgety, dirty little creatures do inspire me so!

  6. Happiest of Holidays to you too Mr. P!!

  7. i love this... i was just buying gifts for my nephews today!!!

  8. LOVE LOVE LOVE. And go you for finding some things that were new to me, great finds! This is a perfect one! Thank you!