Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Whale of a Dad...

Father's Day is rapidly approaching and I dare say that it is always tough finding something for the Tall One. If only I could purchase a Grady White with center console that would take him out to the Reefs to fish, then I would be set for life!
Clothes are impossible to find....
Being  a mere 6'7" makes it quite hard to find a decent tie...
Luckily..way back in 2000, Vineyard Vines solved that problem for our wedding!
Sooo..since the Tall One has been on a "Get in Shape" kick and has been looking like a hot tamale..
I think he would appreciate these Pattern Fish Board shorts from Vineyard Vines..
 I also have a deep sinking feeling that Mr. Lil Hoot will be wearing these Mermaid Trunks in Pink, 
if his ladies get their way...
and if I know my ladies..
They will..


  1. Want to go halfsies on the Grady White?

  2. These are both so darling–I was just shopping for suits for John!