Sunday, June 17, 2012


Card found via Blackbird Letterpress

Happy Father's Day!!!

There are so many different types of Fathers out there...
There are the adventurers, protectors, providers, supporters, coaches, stay at homers, comedians and definitely 

The Tall one is on his way home from a shark fishing expedition so I guess he must be put into the adventurer category..
He is ALWAYS bringing the Monster on fishing, biking, and hiking adventures..
They are my very own Lewis & Clark.

My Father is in the supporter category. He is my consummate cheerleader, always there to cheer me on..reading my blog EVERY day, following my adventures and always there to tell me how proud he is of me..
 each and EVERY day!!

The best part is..even though each Father may fall into one category...if you are lucky enough...
You just might realize that Grandfathers & Fathers TOGETHER make for one great Dad!

So this one's for you..all you Fathers & Grandfathers,

Thank you for supporting us, protecting us, loving us and for including us in your wonderful and crazy adventures!!

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  1. So true, Lucinda, Fathers are not "one-size-fits-all" We are so fortunate to have that wonderful combination Dad!!!