Friday, June 8, 2012

Gifts from the Sea....

Image via Martha Stewart

The Lilacs and Peonies have done their Springly duties..
gracing us with beauty & scent.
As summer approaches (just a mere 12 days to be exact!) it's time to pick up those last pesky strands of Easter grass and bring out the gifts from the sea...
The Monster and I are HUGE collectors and LOVE to create our own little vignettes throughout the house..
It makes us feel as though we are real life adventurers..traveling the seas and bringing home our treasures.
Each one carries it's own distinct memory..
They are like books telling a tale and shall never leave the bookcase!
Image via Curious Details
Image via Lifestyled
Image via Carde Reimerdes
Image via Me Oh My
Image via Markham Roberts
Image via Period Living

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