Thursday, June 14, 2012

Now We Are 9.....

Image by Chocolate Creative Design

Now we are 9...
The tooth fairy finally came and you hit the jackpot with 8 teeth. You can read, write,add,subtract and multiply. You can rest your head comfortably standing just under my chin. You had the BEST teacher EVER who gave you confidence, showed you laughter and instilled a passion for learning. Your jeans are the same length as mine. You can breakdance with the best of them, you have the most gorgeous pitch (in baseball) I have EVER seen and you are truly one AMAZING artist!

But you still hold my hand(except sometimes in certain places), pick flowers for me, run/skip during ANY organized sport,laugh with me for hours and tell me that you love me everyday!

So I guess...
That is why 9 is so wonderfully fine...
because you are still mine..

Happy Birthday my sweet Monster... 
the one with the sensitive empathetic heart the mischievous smile, the wonderfully crazy haired mop top and those sparkly eyes which simply light up a room..

I love you like no other...

Now let's get some rockin kicks and get this Sneakerpalooza started!!!
(with chocolate cake of course)


  1. Happy happy birthday, Sugar Boy! Hope it's the best day EVER!

  2. Happy Birthday to your son!

  3. Happy Birthday CHW!!! Beautiful post. Lots of Love my little man.

  4. Happy Happy Birthday to your sweet son! Great photo of him! :)