Thursday, June 14, 2012

Lost Love Found Again...

 Dear J. Crew,
Even though our relationship started out strong in 1989, I feel as though that in the last couple of years we have simply drifted apart. Was it lack of commitment, boredom or just growing pains? Whatever the case may be, when I received your package in the mail I was absolutely elated and really felt as though you were finally listening to me.
I guess one could say that
you simply had me at hello.

I look forward to our travels to Bali and have already picked out my ensemble as seen below. 

I really hope that we can make it work this time.

All my Love and Admiration, 

(p.s. Even though this may put me in debt, I am happy to work overtime so that I can continue to add to the  Bali trip's suitcase)
all images by J.Crew

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