Friday, August 24, 2012

5 creatives, 2 magazines and 1 book........

Image via Sannah Kvist

Over the years...
I have been very very open and honest about one of my addictions..
There is even a post dedicated just to that subject.

So when it really comes down to
MY idea of the perfect vacation
these are just a few of my favorite things..

1. a caffeinated beverage
2. a comfy seat
3. some cheese & bread
4. being able to read an entire magazine cover to cover.

When we headed to the Green Mountains this summer..
The first thing I did was...
make a snack consisting of bread & Vermont cheddar.
Barista my own scrumptious glass of iced coffee,
carefully line up the stack of magazines in order of preference
 and then...
Image by chocolate creative design

carefully plop myself down in this wonderfully well-loved sunny orange chair
so that the reading may finally commence!!!

I began with the September issue of
What I found was actually sitting right in front of me on that gorgeous cover.
 It was none other than my friend Karen Connell's artwork!!

I have known Karen for a very long time as her husband Tuey grew up with the Tall One and his amazing band played at our wedding. 
I have been in utter awe of her work and it has been in many many magazines over the years and I only hope that one day I may win the lottery and own one of her gorgeous pieces!!
Needless to say, I jumped for joy when I was able to spy a Karen Connell piece in my beloved magazine! 

on a side note...
This is what this creative couple have been up to...
Besides creating amazing works of art, Karen started the website
A Child Grows in Brooklyn which as become THE go-to site for NYC parents!!
Tuey, who still is my favorite crooner, now owns Carmel, which is an entertainment agency based in any brides or coordinators out there...
hop skip and jump over to his site if you are looking for THE perfect band!!

With a smile on my face and now having read through a magazine from cover to cover, I broke for some sandwich making and then quickly picked up my September issue of 

they they absolute favorite coolest creative couple EVER..
I know I know..I am a complete stalker when it comes to them...but they are soo worth it!!

They teamed up with Country Living and Barbara Kurgan to create the Home Office for the 

On a side note...
Besides being the most creative dynamic duo out there..
Shauna & Stephen own Something's Hiding in Here, Forage and the newly fabulous Seed House Stationers.
Their gorgeous work can also be seen on BHLDN

after I went through my truck load of magazines..
it was time to finally pick up a book...

I was lucky enough to finish Girl Gone by Gillian Flynn..
(which was fabulously disturbing BUT I highly don't recommend reading this on a deserted Island when you have no one else to chat about it!)

So the switch was made from magazine to books and when I got back from the trip it just so happened that on my birthday MY dearest of friends, the insanely talented Amy Graver was having a signing at R.J. Julia for her and Ben Jura's new book, Grids & Layouts!
Hip Hip Hooray Amy Graver!!!

I tell you...the above word "insanely talented" for Amy Graver is clearly an understatement...
I mean the woman runs one of the leading Graphic Design firms in Connecticut, raises 2 small children and a husband, runs in marathons, writes a book, bakes cookies and now has a new Etsy Shop called The Goods Shop...
I have always wondered if she EVEN sleeps...
maybe like a beautiful pink flamingo standing on one leg with one eye open..
but the best part of Amy Graver...
 is that she is one of the most amazing, loyal and supportive friends a girl could ask for..

So go buy her book....

So there you have it ladies and gentleman..
a vacation spent with 5 creatives, 2 magazines and a book..

Best vacation EVER!!


  1. I'm the lucky one to have a friend like you, Lu! Thanks for the props! You're signed copy is in the mail ... Big love. xo

  2. Country Living is the best. Oh my gosh.